Information required

How many trailers do you need?

How much does it cost?

How long does it take to drive a trailer to Rome?

B.You are the manager of a forwarding company. A customer phones to make enquiries. Answer his questions

Your information

The dimensions of your trailers are: Length – 12m Width – 2m Height – 2.5m

Their cubic capacity is 60m3.

The maximum load is 23,000 kg.

You charge $1,750 to transport a full trailer-load to Rome. It takes three to four days.


3.1 Would you like to buy this product? Read the article and find out

Fold-up car that fits in a suitcase.

Engineers at Mazda, the Japanese Information required car company, have designed a car you can fold in half and carry around in a suitcase.

The “Suitcase Car” is only 81cm x 61cm x 25cm when folded, but opens to a length of 117cm, a width of 102 cm, and a height of 41cm. The vehicle weighs 30kg and costs £900 to build. It only takes one minute to set up for the road.

The car is propelled by a specially-designed, two cycle single-cylinder engine and it has a maximum speed of just under 30km an hour.

The invention won the first prize in Information required a contest arranged by Mazda to encourage original ideas from its employees. The winning team of seven engineers said they had always wanted to build a car that could be folded up in a traffic jam and carried away. The engineers also wanted to design a car that people could take on aeroplanes.

The portable car was not made for driving on roads, so it is only the first step towards achieving the engineers’ goal. A Mazda spokesman said the company had no plans to mass produce the “Suitcase Car”.

3.2 Say if the statements given below are true, false or there is Information required no such information in the article

1. Fold-up car was designed by Japanese engineers.

2. The car is very easy to transform.

3. It can move with the speed of more than 30 km an hour.

4. This car has got world-wide recognition.

5. Mazda company is planning to produce the portable car in few years.

3.3 Answer the following questions

1. Who has designed a fold-up car?

2. What are its dimensions when folded?

3. How big is it when open?

4. What are the technical characteristics of this car?

5. How fast can it go?

6. When can this car be used?

7. Is it a useful invention? Why?

8. Can Information required it be used on our roads? Why?


Complete the sentences with the correct word in brackets


Just the thing to keep the golf fan happy on rainy days.

ProGolf is an advanced microchip electronic golf game for one or two players. The __________ (long/length) of this device is 18cm, its _______________ (wide/width) is 8cm and __________ (high/ height) is 2cm. It ___________ (weigh/weight) 180 g.

This electronic game is a sensation with serious (and so serious) golfers. It comes with full instructions and batteries. So it _____________ (price/cost) $49.95.

2. Omnibot – the electronic butler

In the morning he comes quietly into your Information required room and wakes you up with your favourite music. He brings you your morning tea with the daily paper and responds to your command by remote control. At the office he shows the visitors around and at parties he delivers snacks to your surprised friends. It has strong plastic body and quiet rubber wheels. It’s approximately 30 cm _____________ (long/length) and 30 cm ___________ (wide/width). Its ______________is 50 cm (high/height). It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, a programme module and full instructions. Its _____________ is only $199.00 (cost/costs).

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