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Dilemma: Hot-desking , Decision:


You are the senior managers of Sirius, a company selling network solutions B2B. You employ 115 staff: 40 sales consultants, 50 technical staff (programmers, softw are designers) and 25 administrative staff (accountants, lawyers, etc.). Because of a recent downturn in youi business, together w ith the rising cost of office rent, you now have to move to a smaller office. This means that each member of staff wilt have less work space. However, the sales staff at e out of the office for much of the time. Should vou introduce hotdesking or give each worker an individual work 2 страница space? There are good reasons for introducing hot- desking, but it seems that many of the staff are aga'ast the idea.


Workers do not have thei' own desks. They choose a different spacc to work in each day. They each have laptop computers and mobile phones, and there are cupboards where they can store their files, books and personal items. Workers can choose to work in team rooms or quiet rooms. Only the senior managers have individual offices.

individual work spccas The office space is divided 'nto small units: each person has their own space with a 2 страница desk and PC, surrounded by a screen. Managers arid senior staff have bigger offices with walls, v,;ndows and a door. There are meeting rooms where teams can get together.

Task 1

Now listen to Kok Tan Hiang, the CEO of a Hong Kong software design company, explaining the decision ihai was taken when his company moved to new offices.

You are going to find out what different staff members thi nk. Work in two groups. Group A turn to page 140. Group b turn to page 144.

Task 2

Form new groups with students from group A and group B. Present youi decision 2 страница to the others and explain youi reasons. When you listen to ihe other group's decision, ask for explanations if necessary.

Write it up

Write a memo to the staff telling them what decision you nave taken and why.

Useful phrases

We've decided to / not to ...

We think this is the best solution

because ...

Tfns means that...

So that...

In order tc ...

Review 5

Language check

Adjectives and adverbs

Choose the correct form of the words ii> italics.

A study was 'recent / recently carried out into the productivity of 160 engineers. The engineers worked in teams but also did many tasks 'individual / individually 2 страница. The study looked at how ^frequent /frequently the engineers helped each other. Engineers were also asked to say how * high / highly they respected each of their colleagues. The study found that' helpful / helpfully engineers received a ehigh / highly level of respect from their colleagues. However, if they gave help but didn't receive much, they were not very productive / productively. Those engineers who accepted help as well as giving it were able to boost their productivity and were also more 'popidar/ popularly with their colleagues.

Conditional 2

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

If the staff (be 2 страница)________ more motivated, tney

would be more productive.

People (not look)__________ for new jobs if

their pay was higher.

Henry would stay in the same company if he

(have) __________ better career opportunities.

It would be difficult to attract new staff if we

(not offer)__________ good salaries.

I (enjoy)_________ my job more if I could be.

more creative.

Susan doesn't like working alone. She'd be

happier if she (be)_________ part of a team.

The staff (work;__________ more efficiently if

their office was more up to-date.

If we (install;____________ a new computer

system, we could do the work in half the time.

Present perfect and past 2 страница simple

Complete the text with the present perfect or past simple of fhe verbs 'n brackets.

Peter Grossman ( start)__________ his carecr as an

insurance clerk in 1997. But after four years, he ('leave) this job, and (5join)

Hertleins, a financial services company. He (*be) with this company since 2001.

Since joining Hertleins, he ("have)____________ two

different kinds of job. To begin with, he ('sell)

investments to customers all over the

country. Rut he fnot like;______________ selling

very much, so he ("ask)__________ the company if

he could move to another department. Now he works as an assistant in the Human Resources

department. He (-work)_____________ in this job for

nearly two 2 страница years now.

(onso idation

Choose the correct form of the worn or phrase in italics.

In the past, Britons mainly ' drunk / have drunk tea; but in recent years, coffee became / has become increasingly popular. Chains of coffee shops, such as Starbucks, 'opened / have opened in city ccntres across the country and now more than 80 per cent of Britons visit a coffee shop at least once a week. Spending on coffee rose / has risen by 15 per cent since last year. A 'reccnt / recently report shows that Starbucks is the chain that is growing most 'rapid / rapidly and has 2 страница a market share of 25 per cent. Costa Coffee is a 7 close / closely competitor with a 21 per cent market share. The number of coffee shops in city centres "now reached / has now reached a maximum level, and the chains are trying to expand into small towns. This could be bad news for small cafes: if the chains continue to expand, many small outlets 'woitld / could go out of business.

We asked two consumers for their opinions on coffee shops. Matt Wingford, an accountant, says: 'I like the coffee • it's excellent. But my local coffee shop is often very "noisif / noisily. I 2 страница "went / ■would go more often if it ''would be / was quieter.' Cathy Mansfield, a student, says: 'It's great. My friends and I go there ''regular/ regularly. But the coffee is quite expensive. I ''will / would drink more coffee if it '4s /'was cheaper.'

Vocabulary check

Choose the best option, а с го complete the texf.

The product development team at Playtime pic, a

toy1________ , were highly г_ __ . They

produced a 3_ number of good ideas

for new toys, which meant that their company

was able to extend its___________ of popular

products. But tilings changed when the team's manager left to join a competitor 2 страница. The new- manager was much less successful in '

the team. Instead of_____________ staff and

praising them for the ir ideas, he put pressure on them. He tried to make them work hardc and

longer. This didn't increase their7_______________ : it

reduced it. In fact, as the team became more and

more stressed, their *____________ decl'ned. Their

product ideas were unpopular and failed to

satisfy customer 1___________ . Now the company

is losing market share and needs to find a solution.

a manufacturing
b manufacturer
с manufacture
a innovative
b imagining
с thinking
a short
b remarkable
с important
a quantity-
b amount
с range
a making
b motivating 2 страница
с supplying
a encouraging
b improving
с contributing
a efficiency
b production
с process
a creative
b creativity
с creation
a delay
b discovery-
с demand
a real
b radical
с traditional

Career skills

Managing time

Choose a phrase from the list a h to complete the reminders about time.
We don't have... a by 5 o'clock.
We must finish ... b out of time.
It's time... с quick.
We're running... d much time.
Please keep it... e to 12:30.
f with delay.
g short.
h to finish.

Finding creative solutions

Complete the dialogue with the following phrases.

Would ;t help 2 страница if That could be a solution If we did that What could ve do What if we That wouldn't help

The sales staff are selling lots of products, but it takes us too long to deliver the orders to the

customer.1____________ to make the system

more efficient? В 2 took on more sales staff?

3______________ . We've got enough staff. It's

the order processing system that's not working well.

С________________ the sales reps carried laptops

when they visited the customers? That way, they could enter orders immediately.

3 Yes! I___________________ , we could reduce the

time it takes to transfer orders to the sales office 2 страница. ь !

Giving reasons

Complete the reasons with the following phrases.

because because of so that in order means that

I need a large desk____ __________ I have a lot

of books and papers.

You should make lists of things to do

_____________ you don't forget anvthi; lg.

A lot of people have to work in a quiet

environment____________ to think clearly.

1 usually switch off my mobile phone when I'm

working. This__________ I don't get any


I can't woHc at home _________ fhe television.


page 14 Dilemma Group A: George Johnstone

■ A.n excellent salesmen. Has good relations with the customers in the US and Canada.

■ 32 years old 2 страница and single. Keen to expand his area of responsibility.

■ Traveis a lot on business. Mexico easy because close to US.

■ Doesn't speak Spanish and no experience in Spanish-speaking cultures.

page 22 Dilemma Group A

Read the answers to questions 1, 3, 5, 7.

1 18 million people have internet access (2005). Fxpected to double in 2 to 3 years. 3 Teenagers and students are the biggest groups of users.

5 Telephone lines are bad. Problems connecting to the internet, and it is very slow. 7 Largest online retailer is Baazee, online auction company, with 1 million users.

page 28 Student A

Role-play situat:ons. Ask Studen; В for help. Offer to help if you 2 страница can.

1 You want to phone a colleague, but you don't have his/her telephone number.

2 You want to print out a report but your printer isn't working.

Unit 4

3 Your train leaves in 10 minutes. It is a 20minutewalk to the station. Student В has a car.

page 39 Student A

This CD rack stores 180 CDs. It is made of metal. Who do you chink are the target customers? Do vou like this product or not? Describe the product to Student B.

Now listen to Student B's product description and complete the chart.

Target customers

Read 2 страница about Rocky Farm. What do you think are its strengths and weaknesses? 2000 Ken and Patsy Carr produce organic ice cream.

2002 They start selling ice cream to local hotels and restaurants.

2003 They increase production and staff.

2004 rhey win a pri/e for the most delicious ice cream in the country. Current situation

Very" profitable business. Low production costs. But difficult to meet increasing demand. Ktn and Patsy want a bigger factory, but will ha\e to borrow a lot of money.

page 56 Dilemma Group A

Read the information about Celf Cure. Make notes about the technology and 'ts future market potential 2 страница. Celf Cure

Unit 7
General: Economy: Infrastructure: Commercial premises:

With ("elf Cure, the body repairs itself. This company wants to introduce a new technique to tieat people with common diseases such as heart disease. Doctors take cells from "he sick person's body, treat ihe cells Sri] a laboratory with dnjgs and then put them back into the body. Research shows that this is very effective. This is an existing company that has already had success with other mtdical products.

page 66 Dilemma Group A

Read about Luton. Which factors in the list in I ask J does Luton provide? Make notes 2 страница and prepare to present your 'deas to the class.

Iuton is a manufactur»ng town with a population of 184,000. A growing economy with many businesses: cars, electronics, aircraft and airlines, travel companies, pharmaceuticals. Close to Ml motorway. London 30 minutes by rail. Large airport. T here is a wide range of commercial premises available. There are plans to build a new business park and a technology village.

page 74 Di'emma Group A: Wi je World Tours

Job title: Marketing Assistant, Marketing Department Pay: €30,000 per year

Responsibilities: Maintain customer database, carry out marKet research, help with promotions. No travel opportunities.

The company: large modern 2 страница offices, restaurant and sports facilities. Opportunities for training anil development.

An existing employee says: 'You have to be ready to work very hard. Great opportunities for people with energy and ambition.'

Method: Post a job advertisement —» Select from written applications Я Hold interviews in each university

Points to discuss:

Decide where you could put the advertisement.

What could you put in the advertisement?

Unit 10

What could you offer students to encourage them to apply?

page 91 Student A

Petra is a student who works part time in a cafe. Graph Л shows the wages and tips she received last week. Desc 2 страница^be the graph to Student B.



To'al earnings for the week:



Earnings Total earnings! for thL we.k: S2F4





Toni is a music student who gives piano lessons at €20 per hour, listen to Student B's description of Toni's wages last week and complete graph B.

page 100 Dilemma Group A: Insurance company

Read the arguments. Make notes and prepare for a meeting.

1 You will not pay a c'aim for theft of a vehicle except when all doors and windows are locked, the keys are removed and the security 2 страница devices are set.

2 Your contract says: The insured person must take ail reasonable steps to prevent loss or damage.' You think Jane Buxton didn't do this.

Unit 12

3 Jane knew that a thief had her address and car keys. It was obvious that she should replace the locks.

page 108 Dilemma Group A: Recruit more staff

Current situation

Many employees stay only a few months. It is difficult to replace people and there aren't enough staff in the stores.

Possible good results: More staff to help customers.

Unit 11

Possible bad results: Higher recruitment costs and higher salary costs.

page 2 страница 134 Dilemma Group A

Read the opinions, discuss them and decide whether to introduce hot-desking or not. Make a list of the reasons.

Human Resources Manager

'It will create a more dynamic environment. Staff can communicate more easily. People will work next to different colleagues, so everyone will know everyone else.'

Young sales consultant

'I'm out of the office most of the time. I often work at home, ot in my car. I only come to the office for team meetings so I don't need my own space.'


'I like family photos on my desk and my personal things around 2 страница me.'

page 14 Dilemma Group В: L nda McCade

■ Linda is an excellent manager. She is very good at planning and organising her work.

■ Speaks Spanish. Fxperience of Spanish-speaking cultures. Ciood relationships with Spanish customers.

■ Travels a lot on business. Mexico would mean longer flights.

■ 29 years old and marritd. Hopes to start a family in two to three years.

page 21 Student В

Wrne fhc information that Student A g'ves you.

Now give your partner this Lirormadon.

Name: Harry Clarke Age: 28 Salary: $52,430 a year

Car: buys new car every year; expects to spend $50,000 on next car

Drives 30,800 kilometres a year

Works in a company 2 страница with 8,940 employees

Spends 4.1% of salary on ciothes

page 22 Dilemma Group В

Read the answers to questions 2, 4, 6.

2 Most people use internet cafes. Not many computers at home - expensive. 4 Most people use the internet for email (72%), or entertainment; 50% of young users

Unit 15

use it for education and studying. Very few do internet shopping. 6 Not many people use credit cards. Online shoppers use cheque or bank.

Role play situations. Ask Student A for help. Offer to help if you can.

1 You want to write a leiter :n English but you haven't got a dictionary.

2 You want to buy some chocolate from a machine but you haven't 2 страница got any coins.

3 You have to give a presentation tomorrow about the economy of your country. You don't know much about it. Your partner is an expert on this subject.

page 30 Dilemma Group A

Unit 4

Some bullies love power. They want to be in control of everything and everybody. These bullies make life difficult for all their subordinates. They usually have psychological problems and it isn't easy to change their management style.

page 39 Student В

Listen to Student A's product description and complete the chart.
Target customers

This bookcase stores 10») books. It is 2 страница made of cheap but strong wood. Who do you think are the target customers? Do you like this product or not? Describe the product to Student X

page 47 Student В

Ask and answer questions to find out the story of Jeff Bezos and Amazon and complete the chart.

Year Event
Ш6 Graduated from Princeton
First job - with a new technology company
Became senior vice president of DE Shaw, a Wall St firm
Moved to Seattle, began writing software for new business
Amazon opened for business
Amazon sales increased but it didn't make a profit

Read about Annie's Kitchen 2 страница. What do you think are its strengths and weaknesses?

1996 Annie Ross produces organic yoghurt to sell to local shops and restaurants.

1998 Annie's yoghurts very popu'ar - she decides to make icc c^eam as well.

1999 Sets up website and starts selling around the country. Employs 35 people. 2002 Moves production to a bigger factory. Number of staff increases to 80. 2004 Problems with the distributor. Ihe company loses <^40,000.

Current situation

Moving to a bigger factory was a high cost: Annie has to pay a lot of money to the bank. It is difficult to make enough money to meet all the costs 2 страница. Following problems with the distributor, the firm now has big financial difficulties.

радэ 56 CUemma Group В

Read the information about Spacc Travel inc. Make notes about the technology and its potenl'al future market.

Unit 7

Space Travel Inc. is a new company that has developed a spacecraft for tourists looking for adventure. The spacecraft can carry six to eight people up into space at a cost of $30,000 each. The cost of maintenance and nsurance will be high.

раде 56 Dilemma Group В

Read about Swindon. Which factors in the list in Task 1 docs Swindon provide? Make notes and prepare to present your 2 страница ;deas to the class.

Swindon is a famous railway town, in the past a manufacturing town with a population of 157,000.

Many manufacturing companies closed and people lost jobs. New businesses setting up include: car manufactur ing, mobile communications, transport.

General: Economy: Infrastructure: Commercial premises:

Close to M4 motorway. Excellent rr.il communica^ons. London one hour by rail. The nearest airport (ore hour by road) is Heathrow, London's biggest arrport. Modern business parks with high quality office premises.

page 74 Dilemma Group B: Oz Travel

Job title: Travel consultant Pay: €22,000

Responsibilities: Deal with phone enquiries, sell tours, provide customer service 2 страница; deal with suppliers by phone and email; general administration ;f necessary. Travel: Visit Australia, help set up new contacts and new tours.

The company: Small officc m uty centre. Small business but :f successful, may expand. An existing employee says: 'It is a very friendly place to work, but it can be stressful.'

Universities hold fairs for students at tne start of each year. Different companies ha stands at these fairs to sell their products or sen-ices to students. Students can fir.d out about things that may be helpful during their student life.


Set up a Virgin Mobile 2 страница stand at student fairs.

Tell students who come to the stand about marketing opportunities.

Recruit interested students on the spot'.

Points to discuss:

Decide how to attract students' attention at the fair.

What could you do to encourage students to apply for the work?

Unit 10
Earnings ToUlejrmng, forth* week: €1*0

How could you choose the most talented students during the short time available?

page 91 Student В

Petri; is a student who works part tl.ne in a cafe. Listen to Student A's descrpt:on of Petra's wages and tips last week ard complete graph A. А В


Tot' I * lrm 2 страница'f gs fcr the < wt

WO 660 fctO t>0 его 610

Toni is a music student who gives piano lessons at €20 per hour. Graph В shows the money he made last week. Describe the graoh to Student A.

pace 100 Dilemma Group B: jane Buxton

Read your arguments. Make notes and prepare for a meeting.

1 The car was old with a value of only €2,000. New locks would cost €1,000.

2 You reported the theft of your handbag to the police and also to your insurance company. But nobody told >ou to replace the car's locks after the keys were stolen.

3 You didn't know that 2 страница you wouldn't be able to claim if your car was stolen.

page 3C Dilemma Group В

Some bullies hate mistakes. They want their own work to be perfect and they want everyone else to be perfect too. These bullies don't consider other people's feehngs when they find problems with their work. They often don't know they are bullying. Sometimes it can help to talk to these bu!lie,s about their management style.

Current situation

New staff receive one day's training then learn on the job. Many people stay only a few months. There aren't 2 страница enough experienced workers.

Possible good results: Staff will learn about the products and how to deal with customers.

Unit 15

Possible bad results: High cost; trained staff may leave the company.

page 134 Dilemma Group В

Read the opinions, discuss them and decide whether to "itroduce hot desking or not. Make a list of your reasons.

Office manager

'It needs to be well-organised. If people can't find space, they'll get demotivated.' Young programmer

'It'll be fun. I like it. I won't have to work in the same place all the time.' Lawyer

Til have to carry lots of 2 страница heavy books around. I don't think hot-desking w ould work for me at all.'

page 30 Dilemma Group С

Some people become bullies because they are very unsure of themselves. They are afraid of competition from other people who may be better than them. They hate the idea of someone else doing wel! m their iob. They think that the only way to improve their own success is to keep their competitors back.

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